Free Your Mind & Messages

PANTEPIC is a mobile communications service allowing information to pass through from one device to another secure and freely. Leveraging custom web services and authentication, Pantepic can be downloaded and used to participate in various online communities for staying in touch, study groups, or unique hobbies. Other users may choose to make Pantepic their custom dialer on their mobile device replacing Google Voice, WhatsAPP or iMessenger. Whatever the application, Pantepic is a reliable and cost effective way to stay connected.


Stay Connected with Family and Friends.


Start, Create or Join a Group Conversation.


Chat Anonymously with Pantepic Users Nearby.


Schedule a Message to be Sent Later.


Share Location Provided by GPS Services.


High Definition Calling



Brief Description

At Rip Bull Networks, we don’t believe in following the crowd. That’s why we created a business messenger system that prioritizes privacy and control as much as features and functions. It’s called InTurnall.

In our view:

• Business communication benefits from messenger services; but,
• Businesses want to retain control of their security and privacy.

The tech industry, however, says the future is in the cloud – that’s the industry’s status quo. All other messenger services are, therefore, in the cloud. Just because they say it, however, doesn’t make it so. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop the tech industry from evangelizing and attempting to change minds to their way of thinking instead of listening to business.

A New Way of Thinking

The cloud is a tool only to be used when appropriate. The reality is it cannot fulfil the privacy needs of businesses when it comes to a messenger service. That’s why our messenger app doesn’t use the cloud. Instead, InTurnall runs on your IT, giving you complete control of your messages and data.

You get all the features you need in an effective business messenger tool – instant chat, group chat, file sharing, mobile screen sharing, and more – without any compromise on privacy.

There is no compromise because the service runs on your own server or computer, not ours.

It is software, not SaaS.

It is a new way of thinking.

It is a business messenger service for companies that want to enhance their communication, but don’t want to relinquish control of privacy or security.

It is InTurnall.